Effective Steps to Resolve Automotive Disputes

Typically, by following the steps listed below, you should be able to resolve or address your concern. Make sure you maintain the appropriate decorum at all times. Shouting and name calling only aggravates the situation.These simple steps should keep you in the driver's seat.

  1) Keep all service records.


2) Document all conversations with the
appropriate information.


a) Date of contact
b) Time of contact
c) Contact person and title
d) Summary of conversation

  3) The chain of command to resolve concerns:

a) Service Advisor
b) Service Manager
c) Store Manager, General Manager or Dealer Principal
d) Contact the manufacturer or service repair shop customer relations hotline via telephone, mail or e-mail. Send all letters certified in order to retain a receipt for your personal records.
e) If your concern is with a new car dealer, ask to meet with
a factory representative.


4) Contact your state’s Office of Consumer Affairs


Tips provided courtesy of Jeff F’s Auto-Buying Clinic
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