How to Select an Automotive Repair Shop
Within reason, a reputable shop that values your business will typically work with you on the price. As you know, an economical price is not indicative of better service. Conversely, paying a higher price for a repair doesn't ensure better service or quality. Here are several questions to consider when choosing the right shop for you and your vehicle.

1) Is the vehicle under the factory (manufacturer) warranty?

a ) If the answer is yes, it is strongly recommended you return to the dealer for the repair.

b) Most new car dealers are just as competitive with pricing as independent shops or service chains.

2) Reputation

a) What are friends and family saying?

b) Do you have referrals?  

c) Have they received any service awards?

d) If it is a new car dealer that is servicing your vehicle, ask about their customer satisfaction scores.

3) Mechanics Qualifications

a) Type of training.

b) ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Certification.

c) Are the technicians skilled to work on your vehicle?

4) Appearance of Service Repair Area

a) Is it clean?

b) Does it appear organized?

5) Customer Service

a) Are you greeted immediately?

b) Are you feeling valued as a customer?

c) Does the shop listen to your concerns?

6) Before having any work performed, shop around for estimates.

Tips provided courtesy of Jeff F’s Auto-Buying Clinic

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Automotive Factoid:

Vehicle buyers who complain about vehicle quality or dealership experience and like the way a dealership handles their complaints are more than 1.5 times as likely to be loyal to the dealership than non-complainers when buying their next vehicle.  

-Automotive Research Group