Get Back into the Driver's Seat
and Take Control of the Wheel!

Shopping for a car can leave you with more questions than answers-lease or buy, domestic or foreign, new or pre-owned, marginal credit and car-buying, trade your old one in or sell it yourself, qualifying for competitive interest rates, dealer or bank financing, when's the best time to buy and where do I service my vehicle.

Before you step onto a car lot, become an empowered consumer. This fast-paced, educational, empowering and entertaining clinic will put you in the driver's seat when you make your next purchase. This is the first clinic of its kind in the country to aid women and minority consumers with credit management, financing, purchasing and servicing a vehicle.

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Tips provided courtesy of Jeff F’s Auto-Buying Clinic

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Automotive Factoid:

47%, 34% and 27% of African
Americans, Hispanics and Whites respectively, have credit challenges.

- Freddie Mac