Who is Jeff Fortson?

Jeff Fortson is an Atlanta-based automotive consultant, facilitator and editor of jeffcars.com. With more than 14 years of automotive experience from the corporate and retail sectors, he is diligently working his way into the driveways of American consumers via Jeff F's Auto-Buying Clinic and his hands on auto-buying service. His copyrighted clinic is the first of its kind in the country -- designed to aid women and minorities in understanding the credit scoring system, financing, purchasing and servicing a vehicle.

Since leaving The DaimlerChrysler Corporation in 1999, Fortson has utilized his automotive finesse to collaborate with GMAC Financial Services to develop a credit awareness brochure and conducted his seminar for such clients as Toyota Motor Sales USA, Inc. Through his empowering, entertaining and educational clinics, he has initiated a coalition with a number of religious, educational, financial, civic and professional organizations.  Fortson was also a featured panelist with “key automotive executives” at The Rainbow/PUSH 3rd Annual Automotive Symposium in Detroit, sharing approaches to subside improper predatory lending practices for minorities.  

Periodically, he can also be heard on radio stations throughout the country sharing car-buying advice. In the distant future, his goal is to launch an automotive radio show with a unique and “fresh” approach to connect women and minority consumers to the automotive industry. Fortson and his site has also been utilized as an automotive reference tool by  The Washington Post, Black Enterprise, Essence, BlackAmericaWeb.com, BET.com, Atlanta Tribune:The Magazine, The Black Family Channel, TennesseeBlack.com and AOL BlackVoices.com.

Why an Auto-Buying Clinic and Jeffcars.com?

With a number of allegations in the media related to predatory automotive lending practices, Fortson decided to develop a grass-roots approach to bridge the gap between minority consumers, dealers and manufacturers. From his experience, Fortson has found that many minority consumers are more focused on the price of a vehicle as opposed to understanding the credit process. Statistics prove minority consumers need to have a better understanding of the correlation of credit and the credit scoring process.

With the spending power of women and minority consumers, Fortson's goal is to connect consumers with dealers and corporations that not only want to help you purchase, accessorize and service your vehicle, but also respect you as a consumer.

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Automotive Factoid:

The average American spends over $225,000 on automobiles over the course of their driving lifetime.

-American Institute for Economic Research (AIER)