Scheduling Clinics or Speaking Engagements

Are you located in Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago or somewhere
else?  If you would like to find out about booking a clinic or
a speaking engagement with an automotive twist for your
church, school, civic group or organization, please email or contact 404-691-0082. We will
tailor our clinic to meet your needs

Topics for Speaking Engagements

“Driving the Best Deal Home…Getting What You Want”

“Get Back into the Driver’s Seat and Take Control of
the Wheel”

“Car-Buying, Credit & You…Turning Your Dreams into Reality”

“Stop Looking in the Rearview Mirror and Take Control
of the Wheel”

“Get Your Feet Off the Brake and Accelerate”

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Automotive Insights:

"One of the great discoveries
a man makes, one of his
great surprises, is to find
he can do what he was
afraid he couldn't do."

- Henry Ford, founder of
Ford Motor Company